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What to Look for in an Electronics Manufacturing Services Partner for Construction Equipment

The construction industry depends on superior quality electronics manufacturing services for its heavy machinery and equipment. To thrive in the construction equipment industry, an electronics manufacturing services company needs extensive trade knowledge, the ability to design and create durable products, and implement and test new systems. Choosing the right electronics manufacturing services company for your construction equipment involves careful consideration of several qualities.

In-Depth Industry Knowledge

Construction equipment has specific regulatory requirements for components and systems. Heavy equipment must comply with certain standards of functionality. Electronics manufacturing services equipment for the construction industry must be durable, reliable, and operate in a variety of conditions.

Partner with an electronics manufacturing services company that can provide junction box assemblies, wire harnesses, box integration, and total system integration for the type of equipment you use. This may include boom cranes and crane cabs, end-loaders, backhoes, excavators, and/or mining equipment. A competent company has prototyping and testing capabilities to ensure heavy equipment electronics manufacturing services meets regulatory requirements and the highest standards of quality.

Comprehensive Engineering Resources

Electronics manufacturing services is only as powerful as the team that creates it. When looking for an electronics manufacturing services provider for your construction company, make sure you find a team comprised of highly skilled engineers with years of experience in the industry. The company should have test engineers with the capabilities of testing systems in heavy machinery, as well as process and customer engineers. An electronics manufacturing services company’s engineers should be innovative, knowledgeable and ready to tackle any kind of design challenges.

Proper Certifications and Qualifications

The construction industry has trade-specific manufacturing certifications. An electronics manufacturing services company needs proper certifications to work on construction vehicles, and they should be able to show proof of certification before beginning work. The provider should be an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer at the broadest level, as well as carry other process quality designations. It is a deal-breaker if an electronics manufacturing services company is not qualified or certified to provide electronics to the construction industry.

Product Quality and Variety

It doesn’t make sense to work with an electronics manufacturing services company that can’t provide all the electronics your business needs quickly and efficiently. Before hiring a company, browse their products and service to ensure they have what you need. For example, ample production and warehouse space is a must to meet volume production requirements and high-quality standards for heavy machinery. Check to see if the supplier is single-point, meaning they do not outsource their manufacturing. One-point shopping guarantees consistent high quality.

Emphasis on Customer Service

The best electronics manufacturing services companies are founded on solid principles and are dedicated to their craft. Customized electronics manufacturing services for the construction industry is only possible with a company that prioritizes customer service and satisfaction. Electronics manufacturing services providers owe a duty of care to customers, and they should take this duty seriously. Only a service-oriented and customer-centric company has what it takes to design and implement successful construction equipment electronics manufacturing.

When you’re ready to partner with a company that meets and exceeds expectations and requirements for a construction equipment electronics manufacturing services provider, get in touch with our team at SMC Manufacturing Services. With over 30 years of experience as electronics manufacturing services providers and with the construction industry, we have what it takes to produce top-quality electronics equipment.


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