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2015 Consumer Electronics Show – Tomorrow’s Electronics, Today

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“CES is the new World’s Fair,” said Enrique Muyshondt, president, DesktopFab Inc. This year’s show boasted 45,000 international attendees. In addition, governments from outside the U.S. sent leaders including the French Minister of Economy and the French Minister of State for Digital Affairs. The U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia and the Slovakian ambassador to the U.S. also attended this year’s CES.

The 2015 International CES held January 6-9 in Las Vegas was awe-inspiring: 3D printed furniture, floating speakers and autonomous vehicles were among this year’s offerings.

The show has now concluded, and it’s time to make your 2015 holiday shopping list. Some of the highlights of the CES for your purchasing pleasure:

  • Keep your beer cold and chill out with some tunes for only $1,100, The Kube
  • Got a little spare cash—searching for that all-time great present? How about a Lamborghini phone for a mere $6,000. Next year you can give a car to match for only $397,500
  • Lynx Smart Grill, voice-controlled, app-driven, a bargain at $9,000
  • Miele Dual Fuel Grill, Wi-Fi enabled, preprogrammed, $14,000
  • Micor IRIS True Color 3D printer, $54,000
  • Misfit combines Bolt smart bulb with sleep data to wake you gently, a stocking stuffer at $50
  • Water your flowers and plants from your Smartphone – from Parrot.
  • For the Geek in your family: Sixsense releases motion-controlled, virtual reality light saber
  • Like a little bling? Swarovski crystal fitness tracker
  • This car is driven—self-driven: Audi’s A7 drove 500 miles from San Francisco to Vegas

On a more serious note, LG debuted its linear-defying G Flex 2, a 5.5-inch Android Lollipop phone with a flexible touchscreen and powerful Snapdragon 810 processor.

PicoBrew’s automated home brewer makes the craft brewing as easy as pushing a button.

Another Kickstarter innovation is the plastic Bluetooth ring that lets you turn on lights, squiggle a shape or tweet a photo.

On the home front, LG’s novel Twin Wash allows you to do two loads of washing simultaneously. The machine has a separate drawer to fit under any of LG’s front-load washers that can handle smaller, delicate loads as the main machine handles a completely different cycle.

This is a mere sampling of the wonders at this year’s show. You have to have been there! But think what marvels next year’s CES will bring.

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