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Your Electrical Manufacturing Service Provider’s Direct Link to Cost Reduction

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An Electrical Manufacturing Service provider’s ability to find cost savings for their clients is directly linked to the quality and effectiveness of their internal controls. If the proper processes are in place, cost savings can be identified from the initial order of parts supplied for a project and throughout the lifecycle of the product.

SMC is dedicated to supplying the highest quality products for the best price to our clients. Our team is skilled at identifying cost savings in materials, design, and processes, and have the company culture, internal processes, and professional training necessary to confidently recommending product changes when necessary.

With customer service at the crux of what we do, you are never surprised by a recommendation we make, and your input is highly valued. SMC firmly believes in a true, integrated partnership with our customers. Relationship management is a priority at SMC and is not only ingrained in our company culture, but delivered with the intention of “Delighting our Customers.”

Some of the tools and strategies SMC uses to make this happen are project management, strategic planning, and tactical planning. Project management includes cross-functional teams. These teams bring together expertise from different specialty areas and skill sets to enhance communication across departments, gain valuable insights throughout production, and results in better product outcomes, including quality and cost. Transition planning and New Product Introduction (NPI) are also key to SMC’s project management process. Strategic planning includes point-in-time reporting for quality, inventory, and open order status; quarterly reporting, and forecasting. And tactical planning encompasses the day-to-day implementation of scheduling and adjustments, supply chain management, and customer service.

In addition to delighting our customers, SMC’s relationship management includes supply chain relations and management, professional inventory management, and firmly managing the total acquired cost resulting in the ultimate level of performance for our customers. Total acquired cost is the accumulated cost to produce a product from initial sourcing through its delivery to the satisfaction of our customers.

SMC utilizes Six Sigma processes, employs engineers with as high as a Black Belt in Six Sigma methodology. Six Sigma processes use LEAN manufacturing principles and include. SMC also holds a number of professional certifications requiring external audits, many of which not only measure compliance, but also quality and internal controls. SMC strives for excellence. In our effort to delight our customers, you will never have to question if there are cost savings to be had whether in materials, design, or process. We have our eye on each step, and partner with you to identify and provide solutions every step of the way.

We are poised and ready to help you to make the most cost-effective decisions when it comes to your electrical manufacturing needs. From cable and wire harnesses and circuit boards to wireless technology and system integration, look no further than SMC for customer commitment, quality, and value. Contact us today to discuss your project needs. Whether your project is large or small, our services are scalable to meet our customer’s needs.

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SMC is a print circuit board assembly manufacturer, custom cable assembly provider, system integration/box build manufacturer that is located in the heart of Kentucky. Our two locations provide quick and easy access for the technology industry in the eastern region.

We specialize and are certified to manufacture products in the medical, security, military/DOD, industrial controls, construction, and transportation industries.  To maximize customer support, we have created five separate engineering departments: process, test, customer, system integration, and quality engineering. These departments offer world class engineering support and product development. SMC has the EMS solutions you need to ensure quality electronic products at a competitive cost.