Why Do You Need To Hire An EMS Provider?, SMC

Why Do You Need to Hire an EMS Company?

Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) is a term used for companies that test, manufacture, distribute, and provide return/repair services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The concept is also referred to as electronic contract manufacturing (ECM). So, why is outsourcing so popular today, especially in the electronics field? The information below is meant to answer that question and show the importance of the EMS provider.

Benefits of An EMS Provider

1. Supplies for a Variety of Businesses

From Aerospace and Defense to Medical or Security, it is possible to get products designed for a wide assortment of businesses. Regardless of what business you are in, you can benefit from the EMS, getting products for all your requirements.

2. Industry Experience

The Electronic Manufacturing Services provider should be well-established to provide high quality work and take pride in the products they design and produce. Ask your potential EMS provider how long they have been in business and what criteria they use for hiring employees.

3. Timely Supply

Give time its due. A delay in delivery might lead to business loss and damage to your reputation. With an EMS provider, you can count on getting your orders delivered at the time you need them, thereby removing the worry that your products will be delayed in delivery.

4. Industry Compliant Products

With the rigorous quality guidelines for the electronics field, you can be assured that the Electronics Manufacturing Services provider is compliant with those standards and delivers goods that have been tested and are error-free. Also, having an EMS provider shares the risk factors.

5. Latest Technology

Choose a company that offers state-of-the-art technology, including Enterprise Resource Planning, to ensure that your products remain highly competitive. Check what tools, machinery, and equipment are used.

6. New Product Manufacture and Introduction

Inovation in electronics technology is swift, creating a continuous demand for newer and faster products and applications. Being the first to market a new or better product can mean success for both the product and the firm.

7. Supply Chain Management Programs

Your EMS provider has sourcing agreements for components and commodities from around the world and can meet your needs relating to contract requirements, preferred vendors, sourcing restrictions, and other vital services. Major manufacturing partners will work with you to hold your stock allowing you to maintain a steadier production workflow through the ups and downs of customer demands.

Properly designed supply chain systems can respond to unexpected spikes in demand, and allow you to meet demands that would otherwise take long lead times to fill your orders.

8. Direct Fulfillment Services

A good EMS provider will offer fulfillment services, including troubleshooting any faulty products and making the necessary repairs before returning them from their depot. This saves time and money on labor or on warranty replacement units.

9. Automation

EMS providers are moving to automated production lines. Manufacturing software like Ageis allows manufactures to prepare, launch, and execute electronics production while obtaining the richest level of component traceability, materials management, and quality analytics possible from any factory automation system. These systems reduce overhead, increase quality control, and provide quality analysis.

Additional Benefits To Look For When Choosing An EMS

1. Design Support Capabilities

The Electronics Manufacturing Services provider, in addition to providing you with a manufacturing service, should have the ability to assist throughout the design processes.  This includes designing for manufacturability, which is increasing the manufacturing efficiency of legacy products and improving time to market.

Designing for procurement, so that the product can be optimized for assembly with the supply chain.  Designing for testability, meaning design the tests of the product to ensure the product is a robust and cost effective one and meets industry standards.

If you are starting from scratch, or just want another pair of eyes to look at your specs, the best EMS companies will help you streamline your plans, making them as efficient and effective as possible.

2. Relationship Management

Do they have someone who will manage your contract from start to finish? There are many detail that need to be worked out for your contract and having someone in the company who’s job it is to track and act as a project manager ensures your contract is completed in a timely fashion will make all the difference in you timelines. This person or department often acts as a liason for the manufacturer if you have any questions or concerns, removing the stress of trying to find someone to contact.

Something To Keep In Mind

How clean is the facility? How clean they keep their facilities is an indicator of how well organized they are. You do not want a manufacturing partner that maintains a messy facility always misplacing your order. What is the capacity of the facility? If your demands are higher than what they can meet, the manufacturer cannot meet your demands. Are they building like products? Find out if the manufacturer has experience building products similar to yours. If not, it could pose a challenge to their equipment and laborors.

These are only a few of the benefits that can be derived from hiring a competent EMS provider. There are many more. Outsourcing has become a way of life for most businesses, but, needless to say, not all Electronics Manufacturing Service providers are alike.

Read our ebook How To Choose An Electronics Manufacturing Services Partner to learn more about what to look for when choosing the right EMS provider.

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How To Choose The Right EMS Provider, SMC


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