SMC has developed a configuration model that creates a custom shop floor order to be built, tested, and packed correctly on the production floor. New products released can result in an impressive number of configurations with traceability by serial number.

This multi-step process offers companies a complete solution for custom configurations of your product, including order entry, sales, and shop orders. This allows your products to be shipped directly from the shop order and removes the individual components from inventory as unique configurations. SKUs contain unique combinations of assembly features, ensuring the most precise data and inventory control.

Product Configuration

Configuration Solution: Implement Configure to Order System


  • Create an assembly for a common family
  • Assign 1 to 99 unique features per assembly
  • Assign 1 to 99 unique options per feature


  • Drop down menu driven sales order entry
  • Shop order BOM’s created as options are selected from sales order menu
  • Configuration list created for each shop order
  • Products ship from shop order. Each configuration is unique and doesn’t appear in inventory


  • Twelve family assemblies created
  • Each assembly contains up to 20 features (Model #, Cable, Connector, Charge Profile, etc.)
  • Each assembly-feature combination may contain up to 80 options (Model #’s)
  • All 10,184 SKU’s supported by 12 assemblies with room to add more SKU’s