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Here comes another Audit! Third-party certifications of SMC help distinguish our services, and provide our customers with confidence in regards to the quality we build into their products. This certification was added in 2012 for a Security Solution Product that we turnkey manufacture and direct fulfill to their, our clients, final customer.

LPCB is a part of BRE, a global third-party that audits the effectiveness of security systems and fire safe products, as well as the manufacturing services that produce them. They provide independent, third-party certification of fire, security and environmental products and services. LPCB approval is recognized by governments and regulatory authorities across the world, especially in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Europe.

They develop methods of assessing the performance and reliability of security products to guarantee their suitability for purpose.

“The LPCB approval process involves assessment and testing of products to ensure that they meet quality standards set by a team of experts who may be regulators, insurers, designers, manufacturers, installers, engineers and scientists,” states the Fire and Safety Centre. “Approval of products is usually based on testing undertaken by the LPCB’s world-renowned testing laboratories. This approval is maintained by regular audits to ensure that the product continues to meet the approval criteria.”

To learn more about fire safety for security and environmental products, click the links below to download informational PDFs:

Download 1: Fire and Safety Seminar.
Download 2: BRE.co.

(Article information via Fire and Safety Centre and BRE.co.)

How To Choose The Right EMS Provider, SMC


SMC is a print circuit board assembly manufacturer, custom cable assembly provider, system integration/box build manufacturer that is located in the heart of Kentucky. Our two locations provide quick and easy access for the technology industry in the eastern region.

We specialize and are certified to manufacture products in the medical, security, military/DOD, industrial controls, construction, and transportation industries.  To maximize customer support, we have created five separate engineering departments: process, test, customer, system integration, and quality engineering. These departments offer world class engineering support and product development. SMC has the EMS solutions you need to ensure quality electronic products at a competitive cost.