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We Stand By Our Principles

SMC Business Principles

Electronic Manufacturing Services and Systems Integration

SMC offers a complete solution for your EMS and Systems Integration needs. We have separate focused engineering groups for Customer Engineering, Test Engineering, Process Engineering, Quality Engineering, and Systems Integration, as well as a very strong Strategic Business Management role. SMC provides technical resources for New Product Introduction (NPI), through all levels of volume production.

We are customer-focused and reach out to companies that need the manufacturing services support we provide. Our commitment to Principles, People, Process, and Performance (the 4 P’s), gives us the confidence to offer direct fulfillment to the end customer. SMC believes in a genuine, integrated partnership. SMC is ISO 13485:2016 Registered for the Medical Device Industry, ISO 9001:2015 Registered and FDA Registered (Registration Number 3009627223) and manufactures to a Certified IPC-A-610 Rev G.

SMC’s operations team is made up of highly skilled engineers and professionals, most of whom have 30+ years of experience assembling high tech products.


Design Review

  • Analysis for Manufacturability
  • Analysis for Testability
  • Analysis for Procurement


  • Rapid Prototype
  • Pre-Production Build

PCB Assembly

  • L-M-H Volume
  • Complex PCBA
  • ICT and Functional Test
  • R.F. Experience

Systems Integration

  • Sub Assembly
  • Complex Box Build
  • Full Assembly Testing
  • Custom Product Configuration


  • Returnable Packaging
  • Customer Warehousing
  • Direct fulfillment

SMC’s operations team is made up of highly skilled engineers and professionals that have 30+ years of experience building technology through assemblies.