SMC Journey

  • 1994 Southland Manufacturing company (Electronic Manufacturing Services Company – EMS) is acquired by Rob Coats, Craig Schuster, and a silent investor
  • Company  has $9M in sales; 80 employees; Lexmark/IBM is 65% of the business; all housed in a three-level manufacturing building
  • Executive Management team uses large company experience (Procter and Gamble and Arthur Andersen), to develop a more professional business culture built on our Principles
  • SMC executes a sales approach to diversify the business portfolio and begin gaining market share in the KY, OH, TN region
  • Addition of Greg Howard from Hitachi Automotive. Greg quickly transforms the manufacturing mindset from batch manufacturing to continuous flow and Japanese-style manufacturing
  • In 1998, SMC builds new 37,000 sq. ft. building with room for more value-added services
  • In 2002, Kevin Coats joined SMC in Sales and Marketing to help company gain traction with larger accounts that allow the company to reach growth goals
  • SMC wins large RF utility meter project that thrusts them into higher volume manufacturing; increases capabilities throughout the business; and helps them gain credibility in the EMS industry
  • Sales grows from $22M to $68M in 2007 requiring more building capacity and hiring to a total staff of 300+ people
  • In July 2007, SMC was sold to a strategic international buyer